Lancaster 365 Cellular Elixir 2008-06-04 06:30:11

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Imagine a product able to support DNA protection and repair.
Imagine a product so intelligent, it adapts to the unique conditions of your skin.
Imagine a product so intensive, just 3 drops, twice a day are all you need.
Imagine a product so luxurious, skin immediately appears smoother.

Introducing LANCASTER 365 CELLULAR ELIXIR, the first serum to support skin DNA protection and repair for younger-looking skin and a radiant complexion. It's the first essential step, at the cellular level, in rejuvenating skin's appearance. Instantly, the complexion appears softer, smoother, more even, more luminous. After 28 days of twice-daily application, skin recovers elasticity, fine lines fade, and wrinkles are reduced.

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