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Laser Hair Removal Diary 2010-03-03 06:00:37

Laser Hair Removal: Why We're Taking a Wee Break

Two laser hair removal sessions down, three more to go. Or maybe not, as it turns out. Allow me to explain. After the first session on my bikini line and underarms, I lost a lot of hair. It was delightful to see small pieces of hair simply slip out of the follicle, leaving bare skin behind. It was like living in a balding man's Bizarro World, in which every shed strand brought me more and more glee.

My second appointment was scheduled for five weeks after the first, and the laser technician was similarly pleased by how much hair was gone. Even so, I was surprised by how much hair the laser picked up. Because some of my underarm hair was fine, zapping them required a higher setting. It was fine for the most part, but when it hit a stray thicker hair, it was Pain City, population: me. Still, the pain is over quickly, and the fact that I've shaved my underarms once in seven weeks is worth enduring it.

Because I'd lost so much hair from just one treatment, my technician recommended that I wait longer until my next visit. "It'll allow more hair to grow in, so we'll get rid of more," she explained. So from now until mid-April, I'll be letting my hair down. The good news is that there is significantly less fuzz as it is; the bad news is that my neuroses make me think that the early success was a fluke, and I'll wake up one morning to Chewbacca armpits. It's too early for me to give my final opinion of laser hair removal, but so far, "Why didn't I do this earlier?" keeps going through my mind.

Source: Flickr user pasukaru76

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