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Laser Hair Removal Diary

It's Time For Even More Laser Hair Removal

Lemme tell ya, a Bella editor's weekend is one nonstop party. On Saturday, in between reorganizing my closet and brushing the cats' fur, I went in for my third round of laser hair removal. As previously mentioned, I'm getting my bikini line and underarms zapped. This is, I have decided, one of the best grooming decisions I have made. Here's why: After only two sessions, at least 80 percent of my hair was gone, and the stuff that remained was soft and downy. I went three weeks without shaving my underarms, and you'd be able to see hair only if you looked closely. For a lazy girl, this is a big win.

This time around, my laser technician turned the machine up to 11 (figuratively speaking) to better target those very fine hairs. Each treatment hurts less, but there were still a few yeow! moments. Because I've already lost so much hair, we decided to take a few month break before the next session. Truthfully, I wish I'd waited a little while longer before going in for the third treatment; I just didn't have much hair to get rid of this time around, and it would have been nice to be slightly more hirsute before being lasered.

To find out why I wish I'd done this sooner (it's not for the reason you'd imagine), read more.

There's only one thing I hadn't accounted for: aging. Lasers target pigment, and with my dark hair and fair skin, I'm an ideal candidate. But — there's no way to put this gracefully — as a woman gets older, the hair on her head is not the only hair that starts to turn gray. Ahem.

Lasers can't zap light hair, which is why the treatment is ideal for pre-gray days. The rub, of course, is that laser hair removal is not cheap, and the average young woman can't afford such an expense. (I saved for more than a year for mine, and I still cringe when I tell people how much it cost.) While I don't have a lot of gray hair, there'll probably always be a straggler here or there. I've paid for two more sessions, but I won't go in for at least a few months. Updates to come, of course.

Still, despite the cost and gray-hair issue, the results are so good that I'd do it all over again. If you're considering laser hair removal, leave a comment and I'll answer whatever I can in a future post.

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