I'm at the end of my second week with Latisse, and I'm going to tell you all a secret: I've been putting it on my eyebrows as well, and though I haven't seen much lash difference yet, the patches I had from over-plucking in high school are almost gone. My eyebrows look amazing, and they're almost back to the perfect, natural arch I had when I was 13 and didn't realize how good I had it. A woman at my dermatologist's office told me about this little off-brand use, and then later a couple of helpful readers mentioned it, too. So I decided to try it, and it's worked like a charm so far. I'm not seeing any bad side effects, and I'm still really happy I stopped using the brushes — I'm definitely way less than halfway through with the bottle. Hopefully there'll be some noticeable lash growth by next week, so I'll post a picture of that, and my newly lush brows, in the next few days.