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Latisse Experience: Red Eyes

The Latisse Diaries: Week 3 — Catch the Red Eye

Hi everybody. I'm continuing with Latisse and thought it was time for another installment because I've run into my first real gripe about the product. It's my eyes. And no, they're not changing color, still the same baby blues; they're just noticeably bloodshot, especially after I apply my nightly treatment. Mr. Bella has jokingly begun referring to me as Ol' Red Eyes.

My doctor told me that there could be some minor irritation, but I find myself repeatedly using Visine, and my contact lenses certainly aren't helping things. I was worried about it, so I stopped in at the doc's to make sure I hadn't contracted conjunctivitis or something similarly unpleasant, and he recommended I flush my eyes with saline in the morning before I put in my lenses. That way, any Latisse still on my lashes doesn't get into my eyes and trapped under my contacts. It's so common-sense that I'm a tad embarrassed it never occurred to me. Let's just hope it actually works.
Photo by care_smc

Abbigail Abbigail 7 years
Maggie, you are completely wrong. Please do a simple google search before you make ridiculous claims. Yes, the FDA has recently contacted Latisse because of their misleading ADVERTISEMENTS, not because of the product itself. It has not yet caused blindness, Latisee or Lumigan (the generic name) were developed after glucoma patients using Bimatoprost noticed longer lashes. It has been used for years, its only recently it was marketed for cosmetic purposes.
Lori-Gragg Lori-Gragg 8 years
I think it takes alot of courage to test a new product and to keep us "your readers" informed about the outcome,I hate to hear that it's turning your eyes red,I have the same problem but mine's from allergies I wonder if this product would make it worse.I would however like to know if you are still using it on your eyebrows and if it's still working there,that's one place I would like to use it if it works,my eyelashes are alright but my brows could use some help.....Thanks for the update.
AmberHoney AmberHoney 8 years
You're welcome - keep us posted. I'm very curious if it actually works without too much discomfort.
Beauty Beauty 8 years
Thanks, guys. You two are so sweet :) It was all smooth-sailing until the red eye hit. Chrstne, I hope your mom's eyes get better, and I hope the Latisse at least starts working for her.
AmberHoney AmberHoney 8 years
You're a brave girl.
Chrstne Chrstne 8 years
I hope it works. Be careful! My mom uses Latisse and has noticed some irritation in the form of extremely bloodshot and swollen eyes (and no improvement in lashes at all).
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