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Latisse Review and Diary

The Latisse Diaries: Week 1, Part 1 — In Which I Take the Plunge

Latisse, the liquid that the FDA recently approved to lengthen and thicken eyelashes, has fascinated me since it hit shelves a couple months back. The before-and-afters on the website are impressive, and the fact that it has a guarantee from the government is no small feat, but I'm still leery of the whole thing. (I don't love weird chemicals, as you all know.) So I've decided to use myself as a guinea pig for the greater good of Bellas everywhere and document my experience with Latisse as accurately, and with as many photos, as possible. Join me here, in the Latisse Diaries, to see real pics of what "Latisse lashes" look like and get an unbiased take on the Latisse experience. Wish me luck, and meet me back here shortly for pics and a breakdown of my first week with Latisse.

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Crowned Crowned 3 years
Latisse darkened my eyes in a very short amount if time, from a light bright blue green to a very dark grey/dark green. I used in twice a week for 7 weeks. Tiniest drop for both top lash lines. I used so little, I'm shocked how it even got in my eyes. I'm devastated. I only intended to use it for 8 - 12 weeks to recover from las extrndion damage. Big mistake. I'm very depressed. - can't get used to looking at them in the mirror.
Eb1 Eb1 5 years
Latisse gives you raccoon eyes after six weeks. The product is great for lengthening lashes but for now I have two black eyes.
Eyelashesfast Eyelashesfast 5 years
Why would you use Latisse if you can use Fysiko? It grows lashes and has no side effects? I have green eyes and used Latisse? lashes grow, iris didn't change? but the trip to get prescription and the cost.. that was a problem
sassy-sugar sassy-sugar 7 years
i would never use this product. ever!
RachLA RachLA 7 years
I can't imagine rubbing this chemical so close to my eyeball... I'm the kind of person to wait a few years so you can hear long-term results (and horror stories). Plus you have to keep using it forever or your lashes go back to normal!
merfie23 merfie23 7 years
I work in a medspa that sells Latisse and I have been using it for 6 weeks. I have green eyes w/ no color change or darkening of the eyelids. My eyelashes are not only longer but they are thicker and darker too. I personally know people that have to trim their eyelashes b/c the grow so long. Once you get your the results you are looking for (12-16 weeks) you go to a maintenance program (apply 1-2x per week). I am happy w/ this product and I am SUPER funny about chemicals, I saw so many people have success that I tried it!
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Anon, I know someone personally who's eyes did changed color slightly, so she stopped using it right away. I know the risk is low, but they obviously wouldn't report it if it didn't exist! If I really want long lashes, I'll just get extensions.
psterling psterling 7 years
The risks far outweigh the benefits, in my opinion. I'm curious to know how it goes but I would never do it myself. Good luck!
sexysexyedo22 sexysexyedo22 7 years
Would love to see how this turns out for ya! But the darkening of the irises thing is pretty weird?!?! I wonder what makes it do that?
Mikaela81 Mikaela81 7 years
I use this, and WOW. My lashes look a-maz-ing. I didn't notice them growing really until about 4-5 weeks, as I was putting on my mascara (I've been using it since mid March now). People are constantly commenting on how long and gorgeous my lashes are! My eyes are really dark brown, but I would have reservations if my eyes were blue or green...
GKitty GKitty 7 years
I cried foul when I saw Brooke Shields as the spokes person for this product...She was born with natural lashes as thick or thicker than false lashes!
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I am curious about the results, but I would never try this myself. I love the color of my eyes too much to risk permanent darkening of my irises. I know the risk is low, but it's not worth it, to me anyway!
AmandaG AmandaG 7 years
I actually have glaucoma and blue eyes and have been on medication. My eyelashes are already fairly long and thick so honestly I didn't take note but my eyes did grey a little but no one but me noticed. So I am very interested how this one turns out.
Glamamom Glamamom 7 years
Thanks for doing this! I am very curious to see what results you get. I am also curious if you got the prescription from an opthamologist, only because this stuff has chemicals that are really meant for glaucoma. I am a glaucoma suspect, meaning I have high eye pressures but no vision loss, and had to use glaucoma medication. My eyelashes did grow, but I also experienced darkening under my eyes (worse than usual!! Was applying concealer 2-3 times/day). I have brown eyes, so my irises darkening wasn't a concern for me, but I imagine if someone has light colored eyes, one might want to think long and hard before trying. BTW - my lashes are back to their original length now that I don't use the medication (had laser surgery to relieve pressures).
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