Get a Stacked Ponytail Style Like Lauren Conrad

Last year may have been Lauren Conrad's final season on The Hills, but that didn't mean the star was going to miss out on the wrap party for the series last night. Always one to bust out a trendy look, Lauren attended the soirée wearing this voluminous hairstyle reminiscent of Jennifer Aniston's stacked ponytail from a few years back. To get a similar look yourself, and to see more angles of the waved style, just read more.

  1. Start by separating the front of the hair from the back. Tease the front section, and pull back slightly to one side, securing with an elastic at the crown. Be sure to focus on keeping the front pouffy, and use a comb to lightly tame any roughness.
  2. Next, curl the back portion of the hair and pull back into a ponytail directly below the ponytail you created in the previous step.
  3. Spritz the style with hairspray to hold. Tip: for an added touch, twist two to three skinny-sized sections from the top ponytail and pin each under the bottom ponytail.
Image Source: Getty
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