Recreate LC's Double Braids With Tips From Her Stylist!

Just when we thought there couldn't possibly be any more ways to wear braids, who better than trend-setting Lauren Conrad to bring us back in? At the Hollywood Style Awards last night in LA, the former reality show star styled her signature waist-length extensions in not just one side-braid, but two intersecting plaits. Celebrity stylist Byron Williams of the Byron and Tracey Salon created the look for Lauren, using her multihued frock as inspiration.

"We wanted to get it as narrow as possible because we didn’t want to overwhelm the dress," Williams said. "It was side-parted, and we French braided both sides. It’s kind of half-up, half-down." To finish off the look, he combined the two braids to create a "headband" in the back. Want some tips on getting the overlapping braids for yourself? Follow the link after the gallery.

To get Williams's advice, just keep reading.

  • On braid thickness: "It depends on how full you want the sides or how flat you want the sides," he says. "[With Lauren], I went a little thicker in the back because I wanted the sides to be flat, [but] if you're going to have more hair in the front, then you’re going to have less braid in the back," he explains.
  • Regarding products: "Product depends on your texture," Williams adds. He recommends using a simple hairspray or volume spray to dampen the hair. This will give you a sleek effect, while taming your hair. If you're hair is extra curly or frizzy, a texture cream is for you. But you can also get away with this quick tip: "If you washed that morning, and you want to create that look that night — you might have a little texture left from that morning, and you can just go from there," he suggests.
Image Source: WireImage