Back in September, Tommye from Fashionologie and I were killing time at the San Francisco airport, which conveniently happens to have a Sephora. We were on our way to Fashion Week, and since I hadn't had time to clean up my nails, I picked up a package of Sephora Brand Nail Patch ($10). Even though I've been burned before by press-on polish, I decided to try it again. The idea is simple: You just rub the decals on your nails, smooth out any bubbles, and then be on your way.

Initially, I envisioned applying the decals while in the air. That plan was quickly abandoned when I opened the package; the decals smell like nail polish, so it would be pretty rude to apply them in close quarters. Hours later, at the hotel, I got to work. To see how it went,


You know, there's not much story to tell here. Application was ridiculously easy and quick; even as a novice, I smoothed the decals on in less than 10 minutes. What's more, the polish lasted for a week without a single chip — much better than expected. I could see myself using these again, particularly when I want a dark manicure without the inevitable sloppy splashes that get on my cuticles. Ten dollars well spent, in my book.