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Light-Up Beauty Vanity Mirrors

Here's Why Beauty Insiders Are Obsessed With These Light-Up Mirrors

We're always on the hunt for new beauty tools that fit all of your prettifying needs, along with tips on how to organize everything, but one can never overestimate the power of a good mirror when it comes to trying on the latest products and trends. After all, how can you enhance what you can't see?

Beauty insiders, including vloggers who are often tasked with applying makeup for their millions of followers, know this all too well and have come to rely on a certain crop of light-up devices that deliver the utmost reflection.

From glamorous picks that will make you feel like you're on a Hollywood film set to high-tech offerings that allow you to stay connected (and beyond!), read on for some of the mirrors that pros swear by, along with a few illuminating picks for those on a budget.

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