It seems like Lindsay Lohan is everywhere these days — or at least she's on the covers of magazines each month. For April, she's on Nylon, looking very thin and very golden-blonde.

Lindsay followers know that she colors her hair frequently, which always made me assume that her hair has to be fried from all of the bleaching. Not so, says colorist Tracey Cunningham, who colored LL's hair for the Nylon photo shoot. "I love Lindsay's hair color because it complements her look; it isn’t too blonde or too dark. It is the perfect shade for her," she says. Because Lindsay was already a blonde, Cunningham used a color gloss instead of a permanent dye. (No ammonia = easier on hair.) She custom-blended a formula using Redken Shades EQ gloss (shades 09AA Papaya, 08C Cayenne and 09G Vanilla Crème, if you're interested.)

Lohan lesson learned: If you've already lightened your hair, a gloss or a glaze can boost your color without doing permanent damage. As far as landing the cover of a magazine, you're on your own.