As Anna Wintour is to the fashion industry, Linda Wells is to beauty. The editor in chief of Allure doesn't just report on hair and makeup trends, she helps create them. And for 2008, she's filled with predictions. Among the things she thinks will be big:

  • Color will be bolder than it has been. "The colors sound intimidating — purple, orange, a peachy-yellow — but they will look really good. It'll be a sheer hint that gives you warmth," she says.

  • Creams, not powders, will be big. "Makeup isn't sitting on top of the face like paint. It has a more organic look to it," she explains.

  • Expect more caffeinated products. "It's the most prevalent ingredient in cellulite creams, and is being used more and more in eye creams, face serums, and rosacea treatments," she says.
  • We've already seen some of these trends , and judging by the bold, berry colors coming out, she's definitely something of a beauty prophet.