Maybe you've heard that Lindsay Lohan loves her leggings. In fact, her affection for the style was so strong, the multitalented actress launched her own line of footless legwear back in July. Well, now Lohan has plans to dabble into the beauty realm — in the form of a natural self-tanning lotion.

According to WWD, Lohan, who's working under the label 6126 (Marilyn Monroe's birthday), intends to launch the lotion around Spring 2009. In conjunction with this new development, she'll also be offering a lower-priced line of leggings to make the style more available to the masses.

Although the name of the self-tanner has yet to be released, it will be odor free (yeah!) and contain natural ingredients (even better). Expect to see the product line the shelves of higher-end stores such as Nordstrom and Sephora. Of her latest endeavor, Lohan explained her thought process behind launching a tanning lotion. “Why not?” she said in an interview. “Girls use [self-tanners] all the time. And I do, and it makes sense.”