Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan went to see her buddy Byron Williams at his Los Angeles salon. Can't say I blame her; after interviewing him, I was impressed by his knowledge and experience. But this photo made me remember just how much work it takes for celebrities to look so flawless, and how it's a perk that the rest of us don't always see.

Don't get me wrong, Lindsay's a gorgeous girl on her own. But for red-carpet events and magazine photo shoots, it really does take a team of experts to make every last eyelash and tendril stay in place. I know you hear about this all the time, but after sitting in on a few photo shoots at a magazine, I really understand what a difference a good stylist (and good lighting) can make. We're talking 45-minute makeup applications, hours-long hairstyling marathons — the works. (And that's even for a "natural" look.)

So the next time you compare yourself to a "perfect" celebrity, remember that we'd all look flawless with a team of professionals giving us a little boost.