When you buy a beauty product, much of your money goes to the costs of marketing and fancy packaging. It's just how it is, which is why I don't go for design alone in most cases. For some items, I don't care about aesthetics — it's not like my eye makeup remover has to be in a stunning bottle. And I don't care as much about eye shadow containers as I do about the product inside. But lipstick — lipstick is different. There's something pleasing about pulling out a well-designed tube, feeling the lipstick swivel up smoothly, and applying it like a sultry dame in a film noir.

So when I want to splurge on a lipstick, I go for either Lancome L'Absolu Rouge ($29) or Chanel Rouge Allure ($30). Both are softly scented, both go on like buttah, and both have packaging that is a pleasure to play with. Lancome's lipstick closes with a gentle magnetic click, and Chanel's sleek case has a cool push-button open/close mechanism. And while technically, these packaging details shouldn't matter, they make lipstick application a lot more fun. Do you have a favorite kind of tube?