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The Liquid Keratin Diaries: Part II


It's 48 hours later, and I'm back with a Liquid Keratin update. After the requisite two-day wait, it was time to use the provided shampoo and conditioner. I still had zero lather with the shampoo, but the conditioner did noticeably detangle my waves as I left it in for a few minutes.

The biggest part of this step was coating towel-dried hair with the leave-in conditioner spray, once again in that awkwardly shaped bottle. It said "style as usual," but didn't say anything about adding other products. Eek, an rule-follower's impasse – what to do?

Follow my logic and next move when you


Since Step 1 explicitly said not to put anything else on your hair, the editor in me assumed they would have used the similar wording if the same was true for this step . . . but didn't want to take any big chances. I added a tiny amount of my favorite styling product (whether wearing curly or straight), but significantly less than I would normally. While I didn't have stick-straight results, my hair combed easier with less pulling than before and dried straighter but became fuller than usual. Much fuller. Not exactly the look I was going for.

My conclusion? At nearly $70 for 30 days, Liquid Keratin is a commitment that I wouldn't make again based on my results, but my reaction may be biased. If I had tried this before I dove into light-poo and plopping, I wouldn't be comparing this product to that noticeable difference and feeling; I just like the plopping. I can see the product working better on people with finer hair — my chemically-altered, thick texture definitely didn't maximize on its potential — but there were no life-changing results for me. If any of you have tried this product, please share your take in the comments below.

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