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Liquor-Scented Perfumes

The Spray-On Sophisticate: Liquor-Scented Fragrances

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I love the dynamic, effervescent quality that comes with having a liquor note in my fragrance. Liquor scents open differently, and there's a certain richness and complexity to them that you just can't get with an aldehyde or a floral. Unfortunately, until recently the most common liquor note was bay rum, which is almost always a men's fragrance ingredient. I was disgruntled about the idea that only guys get treated to the unique loveliness of these scents, and it seems a number of the best perfumers were as well. Recently there's been a mini-boom in women's fragrances that directly include, or even base their entire accord on, a specific alcohol, from sake to absinthe and everything in between. There are even some gorgeous rum fragrances out now. Click through to see if your favorite cocktail ingredient is represented.

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