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Will There Be a Lisa Frank Makeup Line?

Brace Yourself: The Lisa Frank Beauty Line Is Definitely Happening

If you were one of the more than 2,600 people to financially support the Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Kickstarter campaign — or one of the millions just sending them good vibes — you can officially rejoice. The affordable cruelty-free brand initially had a $30,000 goal, but more than $113,000 has been raised in the name of technicolor beauty.

The mysterious Lisa Frank herself joined Glamour Dolls to make the first product in the launch (a blush brush, which you can preorder now) and is on board to help innovate the rest of the range of products. In an interview with Today, cofounder Jessica Romano disclosed that Frank's favorite formula in the upcoming range is the "unicorn lipstick," which comes as no surprise to us.

Though all the items coming down the pipeline have already been decided — including liquid liner, highlighter, and matte lipstick — fans will still get to be part of the creation process. In fact, those who donated to the Kickstarter can pick shades and vote on product names. According to the campaign, the products will be available this Fall, so here's hoping that tons of holographic hues will be coming our way. Stay tuned for updates as they become available.

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