Bat those lashes and make him swoon baby! Every gal dreams of having thick lush lashes, but we all aren't born that lucky. And although there are tons of lash building mascaras on the market to help plump and volumize, sometimes you've just got to fake it to attain those lush and sexy bedroom eyes. These lash kits are easy to use, virtually mess free and the results are bellissima!

e.l.f. Professional Lash Kit, $1, is a false lash extension kit that can help you create gorgeous lashes any night of the week! Application is a cinch and the comfort grip gel allows you to gain multiple uses from your lashes. You can choose from either a natural kit or a dramatic kit. Have fun!

For more fun and flirty lash kits,

Girls Night Out - False Eyelashes Kit by Alcone Beauty, $38, makes getting ready a group effort. This kit is all you need for dead sexy eye makeup for a night out with the gals. The kit comes with: a preo eyelash curler, false eyelashes, duo eyelash adhesive, a sable eyeliner brush, black cake eyeliner, a lash comb and step-by-step instructions for easy application.

You can order the kit based upon the number of peeps in your pre-party that night. A kit for one to four girls is $38.00, a kit for five to 10 girls is $53.00 and a kit for eleven to sixteen girls is $68.00. Let's get this party started!

Deluxe Lash Kit in Black by Sephora, $18, is a solution to limp, lackluster lashes. It's so easy to use, you can even put them on with one hand. The contoured application tool provides a fool proof way to secure the lashes and they are also easily removable using the same tool. The kit includes one set of lashes and glue. Available only in black.