A few days ago I was at the checkout counter at Urban Outfitters when my eyes went directly to a bowl of ice cream-flavored lip balms from a little-known company called Lotta Luv. The brand makes all sorts of wacky lip products flavored like candy, dessert, junk food, and sweet drinks, but I'd never tried any of them.

Without being too harsh, let's just say that it's no wonder why they aren't very well known. The texture was waxy and crumbly, the packaging was cute, but flimsy and the smell was ridiculously sweet. In one word: cheap.

And I've got a humdinger of a gross story for you. I, of course, wiped off the lip balm before I tested it out, but a chunk came off on my finger and as I tried to spread it on my lips, most of it went right into my mouth — I know, ew! When I think about it now, it kind of makes me gag. There were seven different varieties of ice cream in the bowl namely; rocky road, white chocolate raspberry, rainbow sherbet, chocolate chip cookie dough, very cherry vanilla, strawberry cheesecake, and bubblegum. After my experience with the chocolate chip cookie dough, I smelled the strawberry cheesecake, didn't like it and decided to quit while I was ahead.

Although I think these balms were a disaster, I could still totally see picking one of up for a teenager if I knew they were bonkers about a certain ice cream flavor. That being said, if you are the kind of person who feels that quality matters over cuteness, stay far, far away.