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Love It or Hate It? Jaslene Gonzalez at the Latin Grammy Awards

Jaslene Gonzalez, last season's winner of America's Next Top Model, attended last night's Latin Grammy Awards. She has amazing bone structure in her face, so I'm glad to see her wearing a simple hairstyle and soft makeup. What do you think?


Bear924 Bear924 9 years
I think she looks lovely. Personally, I loved her attitude and personality during season 8. She does not look emaciated, look at her arms! They don't look skeletal; just normal.
phree2b phree2b 9 years
She reminds me of a thin Selma Hayak(spell?) Nice Photo and I don't know her but she is pretty.
halo0073 halo0073 9 years
like it a lot. No shiny white eye shadow hurray!
Abby2007 Abby2007 9 years
luv it, she looks great
Ericka Ericka 9 years
She took great pictures, but definitely should keep her mouth closed. Her TV commercials are horrendous.
lazyasian lazyasian 9 years
bad angle for her chin...
judylai81 judylai81 9 years
I'm not a big fan of her because I think she can be a bitch but I think cuz what she's been through in her life she feels like she has to defend herself a lot so I dont hate her. She does take some amazing pics. I think she should try to gain some weight to make herself look more human and for her health.
gig gig 9 years
In her my life as a cover girl add she strains her face so much and her voice drives me up a wall. I liked Nata much better b/c she didn't look like a drag queen, had a pleasant speaking voice and she was never mean to any of the girls on ANTM. Remember when they all ganged up on Natasha and Jaslene was so mean to her? She is my least favorite winner of Top Model ever!!!!!
notoriuskitty notoriuskitty 9 years
although I don't think she should have been the winner of ANTM, I really like her look here. It's very natural looking and not too drag like she can tend to look!
LovinLivin LovinLivin 9 years
She looks okay not fabulous. I honestly think the way Jaslene talks is annoying but I do not think it's her fault. Either she used to be deaf or she is new to the English language but I do not feel she was a good choice for top model. Her makeup looks good though what I can see of the dress is over the top.
GothicMuse GothicMuse 9 years
I think she looks great.The makeup is understated, and that is what the dress calls for. If people think she looks like a tranny, I'd have to wonder if they'd ever seen "America's First Supermodel"~ Janice.
flutterpie flutterpie 9 years
when i saw the headline, i was prepared for a drag queen moment but she looks really good oh and the chick from hawaii was robbed!
tiabia tiabia 9 years
I LOVE Jaslene, and her accent!!! I think she won because she has serious perseverance.
breakbrooklyn breakbrooklyn 9 years
idk where everyone else is from but most american-born puerto-ricans from new york, chicago, etc. have this accent. all of my puerto-rican girlfriends have it. i don't see what's wrong with it or why ppl hate it so much. why can't we just accept that she has an accent? btw the makeup looks good. it softens her face
Knight-Who-Says-Ni Knight-Who-Says-Ni 9 years
Skinny or not, she is fugly.
cittypark cittypark 9 years
p.s she seems to be naturally thing, so i don't think it sends out a bad image. it's not like she's trying to be that way.
cittypark cittypark 9 years
she doesn't necessarily have to be the best spokes model~ as long as she takes pretty pics, she should be ok, and she def does take great pics~ to me, she def looks like a model and i think she's a pretty grl :] maybe ppl are being mean bc they're jealous of how thin she is :p hahaha bc i am! lucky grl she prob eats like a cow and never gains a pound!
bealotus bealotus 9 years
It's not a NY accent...she's from Chicago with a Latina accent. I agree,,she sounds deaf. haha
sarakoto sarakoto 9 years
i think she looks good in this picture...but she really annoys me. too overbearing.
kiwitwist kiwitwist 9 years
I agree Bella. I was very surprised she won!! I have not been keeping upto date this season.
kewlgirl kewlgirl 9 years
i also thought she looked like a man, but in this picture she looks pretty!
purrtykitty purrtykitty 9 years
she still looks like a skeletor drag queen
princessgroban82 princessgroban82 9 years
I hate this girl. She portrays a poor body image. I think she is a bad example of a top model. I was disappointed when she won. I would've liked to see someone who didn't look like Skeletor win.
k8-rckstr k8-rckstr 9 years
I don't like her...I don't know why...I don't think shes particularly attractive, and in most of her pictures she looks like a tranny to me...meh...she looks okay there though I guess.
tropicalsiren tropicalsiren 9 years
She's not ugly and i know she's too skinny but at the end models that are runway models are as skinny as her or even more (if that is possible. Im latina so i was a little glad she won,only a little beacuse she speaks terrible in english and spanish! In english she has this ghetto accent form New York that i hate(thank god i wasn't born there even though i live there now)and in Spanish she can barely talk and i don't understand a thing when she speaks in Spanish, it's painful! Well anyways we know none of these ANTM winners turn out to be REAl models anyways.
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