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Love It or Hate It? Kate Bosworth's 1920s-Inspired 'Do

Love It or Hate It? Kate Bosworth's 1920s-Inspired 'Do

Kate Bosworth found her inner flapper at the Costume Institute Gala this week, complete with a pretty, if overly prim, 1920s-inspired bob. What do you think of this slick hairstyle?


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peachiepink peachiepink 10 years
so glamorous. she pulls it off wonderfully.
alieapple alieapple 10 years
Oh dammit ! * different ! Hopefully no one will read my braindead comments. NOTHING TO SEE HERE, KIDS !! :INNOCENT:
alieapple alieapple 10 years
* have. whoops.
alieapple alieapple 10 years
I like it. Old school.

I wish if I could hav two differnt eye colours !

motherknowsbest motherknowsbest 10 years
Not too keen on this look. She is beautiful but I think her face is a little too round for that hairstyle; it looks very stiff, almost sprayed on.
silvergirl silvergirl 10 years
did she get cheek implants ?
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 10 years
I hate this look. I think it should have died with the 20's and never made it to modern times. I don't like the retro makeup with the retro hair at all. Choose one or the other for a more modern look.
pollypo pollypo 10 years
I don't love the hair, but I'd kill for her cheekbones! Reese Witherspoon wore a really cute version of this hairstyle (more modern, less costumey) a few years ago at the Oscars.
Maggie-Mae Maggie-Mae 10 years
She looks classic with the hair and the big red lips
QueenMargot QueenMargot 10 years
I like it, that's all.
AucuneRancune AucuneRancune 10 years
I love the look, but it really doesn't fit her.
Lala77 Lala77 10 years
love it she looks adorable :)
PrissyLilBadAss PrissyLilBadAss 10 years
I think its a really fun look for her. Keeps her hair out of her face, but still has some glam from the front! "Party like a rock star, pound like a porn star, play like an all star!"
Nan-Einhart Nan-Einhart 10 years
I just think it looks as if she is trying too hard. A little contrived. Mmmm...a lot contrived.
ktownpolarbear ktownpolarbear 10 years
I think it's a bold move upon her part, but just not a big fan of it. I don't think it suits her very well.
uptowngirl1999 uptowngirl1999 10 years
I don't like it on her so much, but on Scarlett. Some people have that old-fashioned look and some don't. That is what makes a style like this successful on the wearer or not.
Neural Neural 10 years
love it but not sure it would work on me.
Pepa Pepa 10 years
She looks great. She was different and it was so elegant.
jennifer76 jennifer76 10 years
Makeup must be hard when you have two different colored eyes. You have to flatter both colors!!
jennifer76 jennifer76 10 years
I love it!
LaylaCams LaylaCams 10 years
Love it!
ccsugar ccsugar 10 years
It's a cute idea, but I don't think it looks very good. It ages her.
hills hills 10 years
she can pull it off, but i dont think its the most flattering look eva
bluejeanie bluejeanie 10 years
eh, it makes her look 40 years older than she actually is. not that there's anything with being older, i just think she should play up her youth while she has it.
redegg redegg 10 years
I hate the fake looking color. Great earrings!
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