Lily Allen just hit the after-Christmas sale at Harrods in London. (Perhaps she was buying some goodies for her forthcoming little one?)

Lily is a cutie, and pregnant women have bigger things to worry about than looking Photoshop-perfect. I think it's cute that she's got some wispy action going on with her hair. And yet . . . I keep looking at her lipstick and thinking that one of her friends might want to steer her toward a more flattering color. If we were mates, I'd gently say, "Cor blimey, guvnah! The cat-eye look is great on you, luv, but pairing the cool-toned lipstick with warm colors elsewhere is a tad wonky, innit it?" That's because I'm full of advice and bad British slang. What do you think of this look on this smiley little bird?