Remember Malan Breton from last season's Project Runway? You may have expected him to run into the same problems that other ProjRun stars have had, but instead, he's showing at New York Fashion Week. And if you look closely, you might recognize a fellow reality star walking in his show here. That's not the only unusual thing about this show: Pete Wentz, of all people, was in the front row sans Ashlee—which makes me wonder if he's a secret fan of Project Runway. And I can't help but guess at what Michael Kors thinks about Malan showing in the same tents as he does!

While the hair and makeup isn't the most inventive that we've seen, it's certainly very current. We've been seeing thick eyeliner before on Amy Winehouse all year, and it looks like she's had an impression on Malan. Do you like the look, or are you getting tired of the trend?