If you've been to Target lately, you may have noticed some fancy brands in the cosmetics aisle. Kiehl's, Origins, Bumble and Bumble, and Clarins are some of the prestigious department-store brands that are popping up on shelves.

The only problem: The retailer hasn't exactly gone about things through traditional channels. Target isn't buying products from the companies themselves — it's more of a gray-market thing, and the beauty brands are not happy.

I've talked with friends who love the idea of being able to buy their favorite shampoo at Target, but others complain that the prestige factor goes away. From a business angle, I think it makes sense for Target's image, but I can understand why these beauty brands are fuming. (I'm sure Clarins just loves having its creams sold a few feet away from suppositories and Drano.) What do you think? Are you into the idea, or is it a flop?