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Love It or Leave It? Flat Ironing In the Car

Ts-2 at ShopStyle

I like my beauty sleep as much as the next girl, and I've certainly rushed to get ready or touched up my look at work. However, not only have I never flat-ironed my hair while in the car, it's never even occurred to me. Until now.

That's right, check out this aptly named TS-2 Nomad Mobile Flat Iron for your wandering lifestyle. Instead of a wall plug, it goes right into your car's cigarette lighter. It seems like an accident waiting to happen — but perhaps you can make friends with a carpool of strangers by popping it in as you chill on the 405... while in the passenger seat, I hope. Can you see a use for this product, (now on sale for $65)?

Nomad Mobile Flat Iron (1")
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