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Love. Write. Win. Introducing the OnSugar Blogging Challenge!

There's only one week left! Your very last chance to win the final two prizes: an HP Pavilion dv6t laptop to the OnSugar blogger who receives the most reblogs on their own blog, or an extraordinary HP Envy14 Spectre and an external drive to the blogger who inspires us the most!

We've been posting a new question each day to get you thinking. Feel free to play along or, if you are already writing about your passions, just tag your posts LoveWriteWin. Spam will not be considered valid entries, so make sure you're creating legitimate, well-crafted posts. Read the official rules and then get writing! Read on for a guide to entering.

How to Enter:

  1. If you don't have one already, start an OnSugar blog. If you already have one, feel free to keep posting there.
  2. Answer any 10 of the 29 questions posted between Feb. 1-Feb. 29. Do 10 at once if you like! Feel free to use our daily questions to ward off writer's block.
  3. In the advanced options, make sure to put LoveWriteWin in the tags field.

Be sure to check back every day for a new question. And don't feel shy, we've been playing along too! Best of luck and happy blogging!

Join The Conversation
chichijunk chichijunk 5 years
Please feel free to read my LoveWriteWin blogs and thank you for liking!!
Joe2276523 Joe2276523 5 years
What am I passionate about? I think maybe it would be the proper raising of children and by that I mean that kids should be raised in households of love, compassion and hate-free. It may be redundant to say that the kids are our future, but they are and what they learn at home is what they bring to the whole of society. Somewhere along the line we have to start leaving all the hate, prejudice and fear behind and let these kids grow in a situation where acceptance is key, where different lifestyles don;t intimidate, but spark interest in learning and developement. That is the only way this world is going to change, improve and stop all the needless killings and wars. It just isn;t fair to the kids for us to put our baggage on them, but so many parents do it so freely, or just ignore the kids to the point that the children have little or no guidance and without that, they fail. How can a child learn effictively without someone to guide the direction and give them positive feedback?
Joe2276523 Joe2276523 5 years
I want to start, I guess, by introducing myself. My name obviously is Joe, I live in the northeast Ohio region, close to Lake Erie(raised here and love the area). I am in my third marriage, have 5 daughters, 7 grandkids and 2 greatgrandkids!! I am 67 y/o, my wife is 51 and we have been married for 31 years. We are very much a middle class couple, work at regular jobs, nothing fancy with titles or position. I have had the pleasure of living in the San Fran area for a year, back in the 60's(just before the hippies moved in---wish I knew they were coming, might have stayed). This site looks like it could be fun, so let's go and I will see if I can at least keep up lol.
FashionistaFaye FashionistaFaye 5 years
Yay, excited for a blogging challenge!
Rachel-C Rachel-C 5 years
This is great! Already tagged my first post!
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