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Lush Grass Shower Gel Review and Pictures

Don't Pass on This Grass: A Review of Lush Grass Shower Gel

Here's a review from Addicted to All Things Pretty:

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of the smell of fresh cut grass. Not sure when I started becoming bothered by it, but the gardener manicured our lawn biweekly when I was growing up. The smell of fresh cut grass used to signal "the weekend is here." Now, as an adult, the smell screams "no, close the windows" and "drive faster." After reading Lush's description of their newly introduced Grass Shower Gel ($10) and being unbelievably intrigued, I had to give it a try. It contains their new Ninja fragrance, fresh cut wheatgrass, sandalwood oil, bergamot oil, citrus, and neroli oil. Don't worry ladies (and gents), the wheatgrass scent is there, but it's subtle. Get the rest of the review when you keep reading.

This scent is unisex, just like The Olive Branch Shower Gel, but more on the masculine side. This shower gel is very sensual and it's more appropriate for Fall and Winter than Summer, but a wonderful fragrance addition nonetheless. I also like that this formula was thicker and produced a richer lather. I do wish that this scent would have lasted, but once out [of] the shower, it quickly faded away. So it does need some improvements in that area. I wouldn't mind Lush creating a solid perfume of Grass like they have with The Olive Branch. Lush is starting to win me over again. Not like I stopped being a fan, I just found myself becoming bored and wanted a new array of products.

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