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Be a Lush With a Sparkling Bubble Bath

One of the simplest, most leisurely, and affordable luxuries is a bubble bath. Most of the time, I just squirt some shower gel into the bath, but sometimes I treat myself to more of a spa-like treatment by splurging on a bath fizzy.

Around this time of year, I head to Lush to stock up on its Holiday bubble bar ($6.95). It is a ruby-red, sparkling thing of beauty that smells so gorgeous. The scent of carnations, a hint of tangerine and a bit of rose is soft and subtle and fresh. And it is such a treat to bathe in a pool of bubbly, shimmery pink water. I can get two uses out of each bubble bar, so it's an easy way to feel fancy without losing your shirt.

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Blackwidowchick Blackwidowchick 8 years
I adore lush. I normally suffer from breakouts on my upper back and shoulders and I used their bohemian soap and it cleared it right up. Also I love their bath melts, Bathos was my fave thus far. It last longer than cheap drugstore bubble bath and the lavender really helped soothe my spirits after a hellish day at work.
mverno mverno 8 years
this is totally me
ChrissyBaby ChrissyBaby 8 years
Lush is one of my fave bath/body product lines.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
I love LUSH!!
Witchy-Ways Witchy-Ways 8 years
I love Lush, I discovered it years ago in London and I'm so happy that there are now two stores in Vienna...unfortunately, in Euro-land, Lush products are fucking expensive.
MzShanon MzShanon 8 years
i LOVE LUSH!!!!! If i can i always drop by their parties for freebies and great deals.
hyzenthlay20 hyzenthlay20 8 years
Oooo! Thanks Natasha . . . I didn't know there was a Lush opening in Roseville. I suppose I could have guessed, since Roseville has EVERYTHING (my boyfriend teaches in Rocklin). Is it going into the Galleria?
aprilmayjune4 aprilmayjune4 8 years
I like LUSH, but I don't go into the store anymore because I will spend money I don't have. Matenstelo- there really are some great things sold at LUSH. Maybe they didn't have the full product line at Macy's?
mochi26 mochi26 8 years
I don't get the hype. I had wanted to test Lush products forever and my Macy's opened a Lush stand. I giddily smelled and tested every products and after each bar of soap...I felt more and more confused. Where was the delicious, yummy, creamy, luxurious, can't-live-without scents? All of the products smelled like an old lady to me. The Honey I Washed The Kids soap was soooo mediocre and not anything what I'd thought it to be. Can anyone please enlighten me?? What am I missing out on? I really wanted to like it.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lush!! My friend and I went to the grand opening in one of the new stores and won a bunch of free stuff :)
princessyaj princessyaj 8 years
I absolutely love Lush! From their jelly soaps to their fizzy bath bombs to their cuticle cream. Everything is worth the splurg and everything is organic! Plus they make really great gifts for bridal, baby, birthday or holiday gifts.
NatashaAlexis NatashaAlexis 8 years
Yea, I so glad you posted this one, I love it smells so good, and makes your skin so soft. Also if anyone else is the Sacramento/ Roseville area doesn't know yet, the opening party for Lush in Roseville is next Saturday the 22ed at 12!
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