If glitter and shine are your things, you must try MAC's latest gloss launch, Dazzleglass ($16.50). Since coming on the scene last month, it's already sold out online, but makeup counters still have stock left. This stuff is the shiniest, most glimmering gloss I've ever tried. We're not talking shimmer, we're talking full-on Danceteria sparkles. That may or may not be your thing — it's probably not something I'll wear every day — but Dazzleglass is notable for its utter lack of subtlety. Tons of fun.

The shade shown here is Glamour O.D., which MAC calls a bright coral red. (Looks more pinkish to me, but tomato tomahto.) This is such a flirty color, and if you look closely, you can see the iridescent pearly pigments in the gloss. Less versatile, however, is the Comet Blue color, which is a pale shade of, well, blue. Think it can still look OK? Find out and see pictures when you


On its own, Comet Blue creates a deathly pallor — and the Laura Palmer look is not for me. So I decided to experiment. When layered on top of Estee Lauder lipstick ($19.50) in Rich Red, this blue gloss is much better. (In fact, if you wanted to do a kitschy Independence Day lip, this would be a firecracker of a look.) It works best on cool-toned skin, but even then, I'm not crazy about the final look. As it turns out, a little razzle-dazzle goes a long way.