MAC's latest makeup collection, Neo Sci-Fi, is likely to be polarizing. Some people love the bold shock of orange packaging, while others think the splash of color is too much. Personally, I like the unusual packaging because it feels summery and fresh. Plus, it reminds me of Uhura from Star Trek.

What's interesting about this collection is that although the containers are bold and bright, almost all of the colors are on the neutral side. There's a lot of frost and shimmer, though, so it's not for wallflowers. If you're usually a Bobbi Brown kind of girl, think of this as a way to turn the natural look into something a little more flashy. I'm so glad to see the return of Soft & Slow Lipglass ($14), which is a great medium plum with just a few flecks of gold. Fab liked it on my lips so much that she went to buy it for herself, only to find out that it was limited-edition — so this is going to make her day.

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