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MAC Pulls Rodarte Makeup Collection 2010-08-16 15:59:03

MAC Pulls the Controversial Rodarte Collection

You may already be familiar with the controversy surrounding the MAC x Rodarte makeup collection, which was inspired by the designers' Fall 2010 show. The line's ghostly imagery and the names of products (Juarez, Factory) caused an uproar, with some people saying they made light of the series of grisly rapes and murders of maquiladora workers in Juarez.

After MAC apologized and donated all profits to help women in Juarez, there's now another update to the story. Instead of releasing the products in September and donating all the proceeds to initiatives designed to help women of Juarez as initially planned, MAC has decided simply not to ship the collection to stores in the first place. (All projected global profits will still be donated to organizations that help women in the border city.) Do you think MAC is doing the right thing by pulling the collection?

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makeupbydeidra makeupbydeidra 6 years
I'm glad that MAC is taking responsibility but they really should have anticipated this. I'm sure that some arrogant "suits" blew off the concerns of common sensed people who knew that this was going to happen. Glad that they are taking responsibility and donating the projected profits. Very big of them.
Beauty Beauty 6 years
Yeah, it's been interesting that MAC is absorbing most of the outrage on this issue, while (if memory serves) the Mulleavy sisters have released only one statement as Rodarte. I don't know what the projected profits were, and that info will probably not be made public. But it's likely large, and that money will help a lot of women who need it.
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 6 years
these kind of decisions have to pass to several people before going public, what the hell where they thinking? you can buy make up to look like a ghost, there's this month.. October, there's a celebration... they could have use that and they chose Juarez?
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 6 years
I'm glad MAC is finally getting just how wrong they were and I hope the "projected profits" are decent. As for Rodarte they knew what they were doing, seeing as to how it's their inspiration and collection, and I highly doubt they or the people who spend thousands for their clothing give a fig about the sensitivity of the issue. They have yet to release a statement that sounds like they're anything close to remorseful.
GummiBears GummiBears 6 years
They were out of pocket of even dreaming of naming this line after the plight of Juarez.
ultrrra ultrrra 6 years
i agree. the collection shouldn't be shipped, but there should still be a donation. i'm curious what the projected profits are??
Fashionista_911 Fashionista_911 6 years
I am extremely glad that they decided not to ship the new collection. It was an ill conceived concept and seriously insensitive to the people of Juarez. Now it is time for Mac to do major damage control and redeem their company's image.
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