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MAC Surf Baby Collection Review With Pictures

Get a Look at MAC's New Surf, Baby! Collection

I recently asked our Facebook fans about the new MAC Surf, Baby! collection, and they said they'd like to see it and get a review, so here they are! The collection has adorable packaging, and the colors are irresistibly bright and cheery. To see how the collection looks on me, and find out how the products performed, just keep reading.

I put on gold Surf the Ocean Crushed Metallic Pigment ($32.50) and the Green is Green shade of Zoom Lash mascara ($14), along with lipstick in Mocha ($15.50) topped with Suntints gloss in Full of Grace ($15.50), and finished the look out with cheek powder in My Paradise ($28).

I like the overall look; it's really summery and pretty, and it made me feel ready for a trip to the beach. Of the items in the collection, I'd say Suntints and the crushed metallic pigment are your best bets.


The Full of Grace Suntint is a lovely, natural shade that moisturizes without being too sticky, and it also has SPF 20, making it excellent for outdoor wear. And the gold metal pigment in the Surf the Ocean stack is amazing—it looks almost like foiling, the color stays forever, and it's the perfect warm weather shade for almost any skin tone.

I also liked the new green Zoom Lash, although it's pretty noticeable, and not something you want to wear if you aren't happy to have people commenting on your lashes all day. The My Paradise blush has adorable packaging, and the golden hibiscus design makes it the sort of product you buy for the look. It's nice, but if you're strictly about getting the most for your money, there are similar gold-infused corals out there for a lot less.

Surf the Ocean: Crushed Metallic Pigment
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Surf, Baby! Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balm
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