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Magnetic Nail Polish: The Next Big Manicure Trend?

Magnetic Nail Polish: The Next Big Thing?

If you've tired of crackle polish and are looking for the next big special effect, search no longer, because magnetic nail polish is coming to a website near you. If you haven't seen magnetic polish yet, it's basically regular polish with tiny magnetized particles in it. When you put it anywhere near a magnet, the charged bits align themselves with the magnet's poles, creating cool patterns in the polish.

I tried Layla Magneffect in Brown Sugar ($16), which ends up looking like tiger's eye. It's a cool concept (although this isn't magnetic nail polish's first time around the block), and you can expect to see the collection popping up everywhere from to Zappos soon. What's more, well-manicured little birdies have told us that some of the big nail polish companies are working on versions for next year. For now, check out spring 2012 nail trends for more inspiration.

Susan2559146 Susan2559146 5 years
Thank you for bringing that up XrayEyes.  As someone who has MS I get MRI's often.  I would've never thought of that!
XrayEyes XrayEyes 5 years
As an MRI Technologist this is yet another "bright idea" by the cosmetics industry. What people never take into consideration is their health. What's the danger? The iron particles are ferro-magnetic and can heat up considerably in the magnetic field. Not informing the technologist could result in 3rd degree burns from this polish. It could also pull the particulates from the polish (though less likely) and land near your eyes. As a gate keeper to your safety, ladies please note that if you are scheduled for an MRI or other diagnotisc procedure or surgery this has to go. And all that money you spent to make your nails look pretty just went down the drain. Not all MRI centers keep nail polish remover pads in stock so you may be turned away and made to reschedule. Heaven forbid you should be wearing this and need an MRI in the event of an emergency. Just food for thought. Keep your safety in mind! :)
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 6 years
@jthakkar It's a SIGN! ;)
jthakkar jthakkar 6 years
My youngest daughters name is Bella and my oldest daughters name is Layla. This is too funny and too coincidental that Bellasugar is reporting on Layla nail polish. My kids will get a kick out of this AND I have no doubt beg me to buy the nail polish.
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 6 years
Layla's version is about $15 online, but if you're patient, I bet other brands will offer versions for less than $10. The risk you take is — horrors! — possibly not being the FIRST to the trend. @poizenis Yeah, Lancome did it in 2007 (I think?) and I have no idea why it's suddenly coming back. Maybe more people are into nails-as-accessory these days.
GummiBears GummiBears 6 years
I wished the Ultas near me carried the Essence magnetic nail polish. Yes I am a cheapskate but this is such a trendy look so I don't want to drop a load of cash. Just want to try it a couple of times and toss.
poizenisxkandee poizenisxkandee 6 years
i remember when lancome had this nail polish years ago, been so hard to find since then, glad it's coming back!
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