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Make Up For Ever Is Getting New Mini-Stores Inside Sephora

Make Up For Ever Is Putting Its Own Boutiques in Sephora

In makeup marketing news, Make Up For Ever is opening its own store-within-a-store in three Sephora locations. Each shop will have its own entrance separate from Sephora's and will also carry MUFE's professional-only products and special-effects makeup. It might seem like an unusual move, but Sephora is the line's only carrier in the US, so it makes sense that Sephora would want to help boost brand visibility stateside. These in-store boutiques will pop up in Las Vegas, New York City, and Costa Mesa, CA. Would you be more tempted to check out the brand's wares if one of these boutiques came to your local store?

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Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 6 years
Why is one of the locations NY? NY is where the only MUFE Boutique is so it seems like a waste for it to be one of the few places to get a store within a store.
vvvalerie vvvalerie 6 years
I am a huge MUFE fan, I use a lot of their products. If I didn't already know and love them, I think it would draw my attention to them and make me at least want to test out some products. For years, I never really tried MUFE, not sure why but I always walked right past it and used brands like Nars and MAC and Smashbox. MUFE has really great brands and are one of my favorite makeup lines, so I really hope that this will give them the attention that they deserve!
makeupbydeidra makeupbydeidra 6 years
Its a win-win becuause both MUFE and Sephora are both LVMH brands. MUFE should be a powerhouse brand by now. As an associate who helped open a new Sephora store, we were thoroughly trained on every brand that we carried, including MUFE. We had great brand reps who would come to train us but unfortunately, they only train during the day so if the artist is part time and doesn't get to attend the brand trainings, she'll have to learn by doing. MUFE is often overlooked by customers which is so sad because its a beautiful product with a great variety of colors and funtions that meet just about any need. These are professional quality products that are LONG WEAR and really long wear. The foundations are beautiful. MAT Velvet is an awesome foundation that controls oil while and DUO Mat is a silky pressed powder. The HD foundation is a cult fave. In my opinion, the All Mat primer beats out the Smashbox Photofinish because it helps to control oil around the t-zone. Well, this is quite a ramble. I hope this gives MUFE the boost it deserves as a brand.
ModernGraceKelly ModernGraceKelly 6 years
I absolutely understand why they did it, and I'm glad for it.... More than one time I've walked into a Sephora and they don't understand the MUFE products, nor how to sell them to a customer. I'd prefer someone at least with knowledge of a brand, and hopefully they will be actual Make-up Artists too.
Ms-Devi Ms-Devi 6 years
I don't think there's enough space for it at the Soho store. That store always seemed cramped to me and now this. I also liked the idea that Sephora appeared to give an opportunity to so many brands and didn't seem to dedicate so much attention to any one in particular. To me, this takes a lot of the fun out of shopping in an emporium.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 6 years
I adore MUFE. I'll definitely be stopping by the boutique on my next visit to NYC or Vegas, whichever one I make it to first!
Knight-Who-Says-Ni Knight-Who-Says-Ni 6 years
Dang! Skipped the Bay Area, I see. I love their products and would have liked some play time in one of these mini-stores.
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