Part of the fun of shopping for makeup is checking out some of the creative, sexy and funny names that companies come up with for new products. While something like Thrrrob is outwardly sexy, some names are more discreetly suggestive. These in particular made me laugh, so I thought you might enjoy them too.

The Balm Plum Your Pucker Lip Gloss in Squeeze My Lemons ($14) is a translucent and gentle lip plumper made from folic acid, menthol, vitamin C and just a slight touch of Maxi-Lip plumper to help increase blood flow to the mouth.

All of the glosses from The Balm are cutesy, but I happen to think the name of this one in particular is adorable. We totally get what it means and can laugh about it without it feeling gross whatsoever.

For two more suggestive makeup names,

Urban Decay Matte Eye Shadow in Yeyo ($16). When I saw this I gasped out loud. I am not sure what other meanings this word has, but from what I understand it's a pretty perverse and direct way to talk about cocaine. I imagine that I'm not that far off base considering the description for the color is matte white. That's just poor taste, guys — think of the kids.

Ramy Whipped Liqui-Air Color in Room 369 ($19) is a weightless and whipped liquid cheek color. Think of it more as a sheer cream blush than as a foundation. It glides on smooth and can be worn on your eyes as well. It dries instantly and will last long so unlike a cream blush, you can't smudge it off.

I love the subtlety of this name. Ramy, keep 'em coming — your clever names always give me a good chuckle.