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Make Your Own Eyeliner Tutorial

The Natural, Week 4.5: The Real Smoky Eye

As promised, the other night I made my own eyeliner from a recipe given to me by reader Little Pepper. It sounded pretty simple; just burn an almond and use the soot to make eyeliner. Turns out, things require a bit more prep than that, but the results were lovely: a highly pigmented carbon black that was very smooth and not at all irritating. I modified the recipe a little bit and created this light winged look with it, which I found basically indistinguishable from something created with a regular black liner. For a cosmetic that costs basically nothing and took me 10 minutes to make, I'm pretty impressed. To see how to do it at home, just click through the tutorial gallery below.

The Supplies

Fire Up!

Break It Off

Get Oily

Line and Define

All Done!
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