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Makeover Shows May Make Teenagers More Likely to Have Plastic Surgery

Does Reality TV Normalize Plastic Surgery?

A new study out from Rutgers and Villanova research psychologists suggests that it may. Wife-and-husband team, professors Charlotte and Patrick Markey, found that teenagers particularly fond of beauty makeover-themed reality shows were much more likely to seek out cosmetic surgery.

Usually, when we think about the high level of physical criticism young girls often have, it's something we hope they'll grow out of, but Charlotte Markey says that it doesn't work that way. In reality, she says, "what young men and women think of their bodies now will culminate over time and contribute to their overall health."

So here's the question: Do you think watching makeover shows leads to plastic surgery, or are people who are more likely to have plastic surgery just naturally drawn to shows about self-alteration?

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