Narciso Rodriguez Gives Us a Dirty Take on a Smoky Eye

Is there ever a case when a smudgy under eye actually looks OK? If the technique is left in the hands of famed makeup artist and Shiseido’s artistic director, Dick Page, then the answer is yes. At Narcisco Rodriguez's show, the models wore smudged eye makeup with minimal foundation. It was a look reminiscent of the popular smoky eye, but with the emphasis on warm, bronzy tones and a next-day quality. By pairing with a contrasting cool, flat mauve lip, the look was spared from a strung-out effect. To create a slightly glossy finish and a wet base, Page used a fluffy brush to apply makeup remover around the eyes. Next, he blended Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color ($25 each) in Squirrel and Cavern, and applied all along the eyes, into the lash lines. To finish these "dirty looking eyes," he extended the color up into the lids. Most impressive? It's a completely mascara- and liner-free look. I can handle that.

Image Source: Getty