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Makeup Organization Ideas

7 Beauty Bloggers Reveal the Genius Ways They Organize Their Makeup

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If you've ever tried to organize your beauty stash and failed, we completely understand. It's easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of products you've accumulated over the years. Now imagine an influx of hundreds of new hair, makeup, and skin formulas coming to your home on a weekly basis. For the life of a beauty blogger, this is a reality — and those items aren't for mindless pampering.

These products are like homework for a beauty blogger, meant for dabbing, swiping, spritzing, and testing as they research and plan for upcoming stories. Sure, it may sound more exciting than the traditional textbooks and trade journals you might typically associate with "market research," but it also requires a masterful organization system. There's a lot of strangely shaped bottles, tubes, and jars to find space for — especially for those operating out of a small New York City apartment! But you'd be blown away by the genius ways these beauty bloggers do exactly that.

We consulted some of our favorite beauty experts and asked them to share an inside look at the method to their madness. These beauty stashes are on another level! Even if you're not dealing with the level of clutter these women are, you're bound to learn a few helpful organization tricks to apply to your own collection.

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