If you pay attention to the hype, you might think that Dior's DiorShow Mascara can do no wrong. Indeed, the original DiorShow is a pretty amazing mascara. So when the limited-edition Dior DiorShow Black Out Mascara ($23) hit stores, I rushed out to get a tube. The mascara promised to be darker and more dramatic than the original, as well as to curl, lengthen, and add shine and volume to lashes.

Until now, I had never considered the possibility that a mascara could be too dramatic. But honestly, Black Out is too dark for me, so

From the moment I put it on until the moment I took it off, I felt like a hooker. So while I give it kudos for fulfilling all of its claims, this mascara is just over the top.

It's great for a night on the town when you're doing the whole fake lashes or mod look, but for an everyday mascara, you better watch out. If you're wearing a mini and heels, be prepared for some unsolicited attention.
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