Last night, I was finally able to spend some QT in front of the mirror trying out some of the new products I've told you about lately. The one that really stands out is this awesome Oxymoron Lip Gloss ($20) from Lipstick Queen by Poppy King. I described this product as a matte gloss (hence the name "Oxymoron") but I had no idea just how creamy it actually was. The texture is unbelievably soft, and all you need is a little bit to cover each lip.

I tried the deep pink shade, called Minor Crisis, and it single-handedly transformed my face. My eyes instantly brightened, and my complexion perked up. Now I know exactly what it means to have a color complement your skin.

The only quibble I have is with the name. I am not entirely convinced that I would call this a "gloss" — oxymoron or not. It feels more like a smooth lipstick that you apply with your fingertips or a lip brush. But this product is truly unique. You can buy each of the four gorgeous and neutral shades online or in Barney's stores.

For a closer look at all four colors,