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Korean Men Are Buying Into Makeup

In Korea, metrosexuality is still going strong, and many guys are now turning to makeup to look good at the office and out at night. Apparently, smoky eye makeup has become a common sight on guys out in clubs, and sales of eye cream and other skincare products are way up.

Even in the macho world of the military, "color lotion" (aka tinted moisturizer) has been common for years. In fact, makeup and grooming are becoming so popular that cosmetic company Amore Pacific has even opened a flagship men's makeup and skincare boutique in Seoul.

It's interesting to me that men in Japan and Korea seem to have fewer hangups about makeup than their American counterparts generally do. Despite attempts to popularize makeup for men in Europe and the States, it just hasn't caught on. (Witness the lack of buzz over Jean Paul Gaultier's dude-friendly bronzers.) Do you think men can pull off a bit of makeup just as well as women, or is it a hard sell?

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runimina runimina 7 years
I don't think I would have a problem if guys wore makeup in the states. I would want it to look really natural though. Like, really, I think that some guys could look really hot with a touch of eyeliner. Just to make the eye's pop y'know? I think when people think men and makeup, they get this image of super drag, way too much MU on look. When really, some guys could totally pull it off. Especially if they are ethnic. And some men want to cover their flaws just as much as women do, but are pretty much not "allowed" to. I think Asian men are so good looking and they really do take care of their skin more because they are not ashamed to. I have a Korean friend and his skin is absolutely awesome! He moisturizes and has a good diet. My bf won't even touch a moisturizer or sunscreen even though both are usually unisex. It's not even"makeup", I really wish that guys would moisturize at least!
hazelberry hazelberry 7 years
Lot's of men have beautiful 'even' left and right side face, with strong features. It's a joy to put makeup on them.
Talldiva45 Talldiva45 7 years
Just depends on the individual man. Some like it and some don't I suppose just like women...personal choice. I don't find it surprising that Korea and European populations embrace it more - they are always unique/ahead of the game in fashion and generally seem to be more open minded when it comes to fashion and beauty at times.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
How metro.
Allytta Allytta 7 years
it's not just Japan and Korea. India, Nepal, China - all are catching on.
GummiBears GummiBears 7 years
Honestly just make it blend and undetectable and I won't say squat.
ninjakitten ninjakitten 7 years
Unfortunately, most guys perceive makeup as something feminine, and if you were to wear it, you are less "manly", the whole "macho man" ideal that is antiquated and silly. However, I do think it couldn't do harm if some guys learned a few tricks on how to properly conceal a blemish, if you do it right, its very hard to tell you are wearing anything.
mallorycurtis mallorycurtis 7 years
i've always found it kind of unfair that men aren't supposed to wear makeup. if a woman has acne or blemishes or dark circles or what have you, she can easily cover them up. but if a man has these issues, he's essentially out of luck. i think it's great that makeup-wearing men are becoming more mainstream; now if only that thinking would come over to america. plus, makeup is FUN!
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