Hey, it's Shakira... looking a lot more vibrant this year than she did nearly six years ago—and it's all because of her hair and makeup choices. In this month's issue of Marie Claire, writer Ning Chao explores a few ways to use makeup to look younger.

It's a well-written story with straightforward tips, but I've gotta tell ya—it makes me a sad that she's only 28 and, in her words, feels like she's going downhill. I like to think of women in their late 20s like this: They might not be spring chickens anymore, but that's okay. They're more like... early-summer chickens. Plenty of cluck left!

With that said, some women do use makeup that's too harsh or too "bubblegum," which does them no favors. I think the best approach is one that makes the most of your youthful looks while acknowledging the fact that you're not 21 anymore. The Marie Claire article has some straightforward, helpful advice, and I'll share some of it with you when you

  • Go light on the powder. A little bit is fine, but stay away from an powdery matte foundation. “Too much powder can make a person look older," says Patrick McMullan, who has shot countless celebrities and models. “It’s particularly hideous at the end of the night. Heroin chic [heavy black liner and powdery white skin] might have looked very cool on a 19- or 16-year-old model, but on a 30-year-old woman, it just looked worn out.”
  • Use spot concealer. Instead of covering your whole face with foundation and concealer, use it only where you need it. (Be sure to find the right shade, like I did with Prescriptives Custom Blend.)
  • All-over shimmer is not your friend. “Formulas with shiny particles act like airport runway lights, illuminating every line, wrinkle, and pore,” says Lauren Hutton. She recommends it for the under-25 crowd, but I think it's difficult for anybody to pull it off. No matter what your age, use it sparingly, and only to highlight. Nobody needs a sparkly forehead.

These are only three tips, so check out the magazine story if you want more, my summer chickens.