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Mally Roncal Shares Workplace-Friendly Makeup Tips

There's a time and place for sparkly blue eye shadow, and 9:30 a.m. at work is not it. (Unless, of course, you work at Cirque du Soleil, in which case, have at it.) For most of us, looking professional is about looking polished. But how much makeup is appropriate for the workplace? For makeup artist Mally Roncal's tips on looking professional, read more.

Makeup artist Mally Roncal, who has her own cosmetics line called Mally Beauty, says that less is more when it comes to workplace makeup. "When I'm at QVC, I wear just enough makeup to define and really make the most of my features," she says. "It's really just about having even skin tone and defining your look." What that means for you may differ from someone else's needs, but in general, neutral tones are best.

If you're rushing to an after-work event, you can amplify your look with just two items. Mally recommends stashing a soft eyeliner pencil (such as her Evercolor liner) in your work bag; you can use it as both an eyeliner and a shadow. "A great lip gloss with a pop of color will also give your face the color and oomph to take it from day to night," she adds.

On any given work day, I'm usually wearing tinted moisturizer, concealer (always concealer!), and a bit of blush — maybe mascara and a tinted lip balm, too. What about you?

Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 7 years
I rock my usual look with toned down eyeshadow. I'm an eyeliner addict so my eyes are always lined and I never leave the house without mascara on. For work I put on concealer and foundation, and a little subtle eyeshadow. Sounds like a lot, but it doesn't look like it.
MsTyque MsTyque 7 years
I usually wear netral tones to work. Sometimes blue eyeliner. I wish I had worked in a creative field so I could have more fun with my clothes/makeup. I will check out the Mally liner though.
pink-elephant pink-elephant 7 years
I try to keep my everyday makeup basic but still able to be transformed into evening wear..neutral eyeshadow, mascara and liners, of course, plus concealer is always a must. other than that blush for a pop of color and tinted lip balm or long-lasting lipstick are really great.
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