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Mama Mio is a fab new line of pampering products for the pregnant woman who has special needs. It was created by three mothers who all had previous experience in the beauty industry and were looking to invent something specific for the pregnancy era in women's lives when they are feeling awkward in their own skin!

The special fragrance in the products is also the key ingredient. It is called Gravida which is made from ten essential oils and lipids to help keep your skin soft and supple - it also means pregnancy in Latin, how clever! Oh, and don't worry, the smell has been proven to appeal to even those who are suffering from bouts of icky morning sickness.

So far the line consists of ten products: Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil, Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Cream, Boob Tube, Wonder-Full Balm, Moisturizing Shower Cream, Super-Rich Body Cream, Massage Oil, Gravida Candle, The Post Pregnancy Emergency Repair Tummy toner and Stretch Mark Minimiser.

They have also created five different kits which make terrific gifts! I love the one that's called, "It's Time." This is a perfect present to show up with when visiting a new mommy in the hospital. Two of their signature products from the Emergency Repair Line are especially noteworthy.

To read more about the Stretch Mark Minimiser and the Tummy Toner,

  • Stretch Mark Minimiser, $65, helps fade the appearance of yucky stretch marks that over 50% of women suffer from. Although surgery is really the only way to erase them, this concentrated, facial quality product will significantly lighten the marks and help your skin cells regenerate and renew themselves more quickly.
  • Tummy Toner, $65, helps restore tone in your tummy. From all of the stretching it's done, now it's time for it to shrink back to the way you looked pre-pregnancy. If only it were that easy! This product works in three stages: to exfoliate, moisturize, tighten/tone your stomach skin. Although you won't see results overnight, this "tummy peel" is clinically proven to help firm and tighten the tone of your belly post pregnancy.
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JKe895 JKe895 10 years
This is a great Baby/Mommy2be shower gift!
t0xxic t0xxic 10 years
Id love to get all that stuff but as a mommy who just had her baby 2 months ago Id like to say thanks to megamomma for finding it cheaper. Most of us mommies can agree our money goes on baby not us.
Community-Manager Community-Manager 10 years
Cute stuff - I know a few mommies to be that would like that...
EileenLA EileenLA 10 years
Yah! Just bought this at thanks Megamomma for the tip. Just perf for my sis in law
heatherp heatherp 10 years
i love it. can't wait to check it out
megamomma megamomma 10 years
This stuff is really great! But I found it at another site for considerably cheaper. It works really well for a gift, but save yourself some moolah at this site...
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