Prepare to laugh. Or cringe. A British journalist decided to live as a woman for a week to get insights into the experience of the fairer sex. Although the writer, Tom Mitchelson, is funny, he also has some pretty narrow, stereotypical views of women. He assumes we're obsessed with dieting, finding the right man, shopping, cleaning toilets, leg waxing, and calling Mom every day.

I rolled my eyes at some of these silly assumptions, but I did get a kick out of his experience at a makeup counter:

"I am sitting on a stool at the cosmetics counter in a department store while Julie, whose face is painted with a precision that would make Rembrandt jealous, fiddles with my face and applies creams, colours and unguents—which I learn are concealers, foundations and an antipuffing eye lotion that she claims are used by men as well as women. She explains in micro detail everything she does. None of it makes any sense to me.

...Julie uses scientific jargon, citing ceramides and light-reflecting pigments. She tilts the mirror so I can see what she has done. Staring back is someone who looks a bit like me, but better. She ushers me over to the counter and makes me pay for something which looks like a gold pen but is in fact Touche Eclat, which, she tells me, will 'add a touch of radiance anywhere on my complexion where shadows appear'".

It always cracks me up when men get a tiny glimpse of the beauty world. (It cracks me up almost as much as seeing Tom's wonky application of Touche Eclat.) But I love this guy's view of women even more. Source