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Manic Panic Celebrates Thirty Years of Wild Colors

If you ever fancied yourself an outsider, a rebel, a rocker or any other sort of daring type, you're probably familiar with Manic Panic hair dye. The semi-permanent colors span the spectrum, going from bright white to lime green to cotton candy pink and everything in between. Manic Panic celebrated its thirtieth anniversary this weekend, and since I hadn't thought about the dye since my teenage days of bright pink hair, I decided to see what they're up to.

It turns out that Tish and Snooky, the sisters who started the company, have opened a chain of salons in Tokyo (and one in Los Angeles). What's more, Manic Panic now has a line of vegan color cosmetics. As you'd expect, the colors are more daring than demure, but even if you're not looking for anything wild, it's worth a look. For instance, the extremely light face powders would work for you pale beauties out there—if you can deal with a compact that reads Vampyre's Veil, that is. I've gotta know: Have you used Manic Panic? Do you use it now? Any disaster stories? (You tell me yours, and I may be compelled to confess the story of How Teenage Bella's Hair Unintentionally Turned Green...)

christine4528 christine4528 10 years
In high school, a friend of mine and I decided to go all out for some costume party. She ended up coloring her hair a shade of lavendar and I chose hot pink. Now, mind you, I was going from white blonde to pink. Most of it washed out on the first try, but I had really cool pink highlights for months after. Manic Panic also made (maybe still makes?) an AWESOME gold nail polish that my sister used all the time.
pøt pøt 10 years
I used both pink and green streaks in my black hair at one point! I was such a little punx. Ugh.
joiseygirl27 joiseygirl27 10 years
I used Manic Panic durning my punk phase in high school. That dye will stain your tub & your pillowcases. I stopped dying my hair wacky colors when it caught on & became more mainstream. Now I have my natural color- brown hair.
high-d high-d 10 years
haha, i used to use manic panic when i thought i was a rebel in middle school..
janemast janemast 10 years
I love Manic Panic. Their stuff is pretty cheap and they have awesome colors. Right now my hair is their Raven shade of black along with my natural auburn, and I might add in some purple next month.
meganekko meganekko 10 years
Manic Panic never really worked for me, it rinsed out two days later. I swear by Punky Colours. But happy anniversary anyway ! <3
Punk-Glam-Queen Punk-Glam-Queen 10 years
On 7/7/77 Manic Panic, the first punk store in the US was born. The copy cats have come and gone (and continue to come and go) but there is only one Manic Panic -- and it gets better and better all the time! I was at the 30 year "Manniversary" celebration in NYC this weekend, and let me tell you Tish and Snooky ROCK! The Bellomo sisters are trendsetting, stunning, and glamourous. They worked so hard to make Manic Panic into what it is today, and I wish them 30 more years of success! I was one of the early employees from the original shop on St. Marks Place, so my hair has been just about every shade of Manic Panic that's ever existed. Even before I worked for them I used to have so much fun buying my makeup and hair dye there. You just couldn't beat the colour selection, nor the great prices. Still can't! They continue to come up with the most innovative colours, and fun accessories for hair and face adornment. Thanks so much for mentioning my dear friends, and giving them some well-deserved props!
Jennie Jennie 10 years
I used to live by Manic Panic when I was a teenager in high school! My favorite was always the pink but I went virtually every color that they had, purple, blue, green, yellow, etc. I even dyed one of my boyfriend's hair to match my own once (green), Oh young teen angst love haha I'm not sure if teenagers today are still doing the whole crazy colored hair thing but Manic Panic will always hold a place near and dear to my heart from my old teenage rebellion days and now that I don't color my hair at all and am a lot more tame with my hair choices it's still a lot of fun to look back and giggle at all of the pictures of back when I was a crazy teen.
fashionstar fashionstar 10 years
I wanted to bleach my hair and went onto their site to get their kit. But then I decided not to, but I did buy one of their red lipsticks in a shade called Kiss of Death. I'm still deathly afraid to use it since my lips are the size of Angelina Jolie's and I usually stick to nudes. But I'm going to try it one of these days. I like how saturated the colors and where else can you find blue, purple, and red lipsticks? They also have really saturated eye makeup colors that I'm dying to try because they're way cheaper than department stores and I think they'll look lovely on my tan skin.
Lamuella Lamuella 10 years
Since the middle of high school, my hair has probably been pink more often than it has been any other colour. And while I have definitely used Manic Panic numerous times (if only because it used to be available at the drug store, and I'd have to order everything else by mail), I've always found that their colours fade out much more quickly than other brands like Special Effects. They also have some hard-to-find shades of makeup, but if you ARE able to find the same colour elsewhere, go with the alternative, because Manic Panic really isn't very good quality (I'd suggest Kryolan or Ben Nye for crazy eye shadow shades, for instance).
verily verily 10 years
I've contemplated doing it, but never have. I missed my chance in college when my workplace wouldn't have batted an eye.
stephanielovesOC stephanielovesOC 10 years
When i was 14, i bleached my hair and dyed it bright pink cuz I wanted to look like Gwen Stefani. I kept it for a few weeks then dyed it back to brown. I used this product and it is amazing!
madhatter madhatter 10 years
Oh Bella, that's sad :( I've been lucky enough to never have any hair drama - I just henna my hair with Lush henna every few months, and it gives my deep brown hair a bunch of gorgeously red tints and highlights. People think my hair is naturally red.
Beauty Beauty 10 years
Sounds like we all have our fond memories! Here's mine: I fancied myself a true outsider whose uniqueness could be best expressed through oversized clothing and unnaturally colored hair. So I had pink streaks, purple streaks, orange, blue, so on and so forth. But then I decided that the best thing would be to dye my hair black using Manic Panic. Dark! Moody! Dark like my angst-ridden teenage soul! After dying my hair at a friend's house, we decided to go swimming in the nearby lake. I splashed around and had a great time, and I was the last to get out of the water. All of my friends started laughing, as the black dye dribbled down my body. I must have looked like the scary girl from The Ring. Oh, but it gets better. When my hair finally dried, it had turned a deep, swampy green. It was as though the overall black color disappeared but deposited just its mucky darkness. Better still, the smudges of dye on my skin also had a weird greenish cast. Such was my adventure as Swamp Thing...
CGW CGW 10 years
I used Manic Panic back in high school. One time I dyed my hair hot pink and another time I went for the bright red. It was fun back in the day.
The_coffeegirl The_coffeegirl 10 years
I decided on the spur of the moment to dye my blonde hair blue over spring break. Unfortunately, the blue I used was too dark for my skin, and I looked extremely pale and washed out. Since Manic Panic washes out, I first tried washing my hair 28 times over the next two days - thats a lot of time in the shower. But it didn't even fade a little. I called around to all of my friends that used Manic Panic regularly, and tried washing my hair with laundry soap - which burns on your scalp by the way. Still no difference in color. The final attempt was with a Clairol at home bleach product. The color came out- mostly. My hair ended up pale blonde with a funky green cast - like I'd been in the pool too much. Luckily it was just after St Patrick's day, and when there were out of town visitors at work the next week, they thought it was just left over from my celebrations. The remaining blue dye was used in dares - Following one truth or dare game, I was referred to as smurf snatch for weeks!
bookgirl bookgirl 10 years
I used to use all the colors a few years back-before I had an office job where I have to look responsible. I did use a little of the red recently when my red streaks from the salon faded. I always remember after rinsing it out my shower looked like a crime scene. Bella, I once bleached my hair and later dyed it back to brown, but didn't use a filler and my hair was this awful shade of greenish brown for a couple days (luckily you could only see it in the sun).
amandaaa amandaaa 10 years
ah! i used manic panic to bleach out my hair! it's strong and it KILLED but i sure am blonde!
maximumblonde maximumblonde 10 years
Ah, Purple Haze was my color of choice....had streaks under my hair (the rest is blond) so when I wore it up, they popped out. I just didn't anticipate that on blonde hair the purple would fade to hot pink within a few days...but it still works! And Manic Panic still makes the BEST silver eyeliner...had to hunt another one down when my purse was stolen...totally worth it.
demonkitty18 demonkitty18 10 years
lol ejmcmis!! well atleast u stood out? :) i wish i was stillin skool so i cld get funky streaks whenever i wanted to- stupid office jobs :(
kungfubunni kungfubunni 10 years
i used manic panic all through hs. ruined a lot of white pillow cases! i have an un-opened red one i'm dying to use for kicks!
Ejmcmis Ejmcmis 10 years
The day before Senior picture at school (you know, cap & gown pictures. I decided that I needed to re-dye my hair. I thought I had picked up the same bottole as usual, but I didn't. I used to frequently dye my hair a dark red. Well, I picked up was strawberry blonde! I also didin't realize the time that I left the dye in and when I got out of the shower after washing off the dye. I towel dried my hair. When I looked in the mirror it was ORANGE !!! By the way, did I mention that the cap & gowns for the picture were kelly GREEEN !!! . I will say that the day before my REAL graduation (a few months after that fiasco) my mom made me take the 'real' cap & gown pics at Sears, since the next day I had to turn in the gown in order to receive my hs diploma. . Quid por quo claris... Bella... we told ours, now you spill yours...
krEnElk krEnElk 10 years
i used manic panic to streak my platinum blonde hair with a beautiful shade of purple (when I was in high school). Little did I know that the purple streaks glowed in the dark! It was fun for a while, but got a little weird when I was trying to fall asleep and i'd look at my long hair and it was glowing!
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