The Critics' Choice Awards were a showcase of great talent, gorgeous gowns, beautiful hair, and — of course — the little details like nail polish. Just for fun, can you guess which stars wore these 10 manicures? It's harder than you might expect!

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This one's "easy." Who went with a garnet-hued manicure?

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Which Brit accessorized her sequined red clutch with a manicure to match?

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Who chose bold colors for her dress and accessories, but went neutral with her manicure?

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Which Jennifer's pale nails matched her form-fitting dress?

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Whoa, a sparkling French manicure! Who took this groovy glittery route?

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Lace, diamonds, and barely-there nails. Who donned this classic combination?

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She's pretty in pink polish — and newly pregnant! Whose hands are these?

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Who needs a bold color when your jewelry says so much? Not this redhead. Know who it is?

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This guitar-wielding singer matched her raisin-colored nails to a gorgeous dress. Who's that lady?

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Last one! Who chose a gunmetal polish to go along with her sultry dress?