Marie Robinson's client list looks like, well, the A-list (Naomi Watts, Liv Tyler, and Taylor Momsen recently sat in her chair). Robinson, who works out of Sally Hershberger Salon in New York City, is also one of the most sought-after colorists for beauty campaigns and color changes for films (from what she's told me, directors can get verrrrrry specific). I consulted her about what her well-heeled clients are doing to transition their hair from summer to fall.

Are women coming in to take out their summer highlights?
These last few weeks, it seems like women are touching up their blonde one last time before it gets colder. But I'm also seeing a lot of people going to strawberry blonde. It's a way of slowly going to red or brown for winter so you don't freak out when they miss being blonde.

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Is it just a flat strawberry blonde, or are you putting in highlights or lowlights?
I've actually been doing this thing where I make the roots a reddish brown that fades into blonde. It kind of goes from a copper to a gold to a strawberry with the tips really blonde, kind of ombre. I think people are liking having definition but they don't want stripes or chunks of color. It's a new twist.

What is the trend in hair color for fall?
Brown, but a cool, mink-y brown. A lot of people bring in that Estee Lauder ad with Hilary Rhoda.

What other celebrities do people want to copy, hair color wise?
[Model] Lily Donaldson, for blondes. Jennifer Aniston. A lot of times people bring in pictures saying they want a drastic change, but they don't really want to change the color as much as they say. They never take it as extreme as the pictures they bring in!